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History is about beginnings - so start at the beginning - in the Dominican Republic.

Come to the Dominican Republic and make history come to life. Take a Tour - Find Out - Not Just Layout!

The Dominican Republic has the first city, hospital, seat of government, street, and university in the Americas, the highest mountain and waterfall, the longest cave and river, and the only place where you can swim with whales in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic offers sugar-white sands bordering a cool, blue ocean, vibrant green plants with efflorescent blooms, mile-high mountains looming majestically over deep valleys of sweet sugar cane, the most ecologically diverse country in the Caribbean, and miles and miles of beaches.

Come to the Dominican Republic where history,  heritage, nature, secluded islands, and beaches inspire romance and adventure.


The Dominican Republic was the political and cultural hub of the Spanish presence in the New World.

Come to the Dominican Republic and visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. See Colonial - Skip the Sand!

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The Dominican Republic offers activities which combine action and adventure with nature.

Come to the Dominican Republic for heart-pounding excitement. Smell the Flowers - Not the Sunscreen!


The Dominican Republic is home to waterfalls, jungles, secluded islands, and sensational wildlife.

Come to the Dominican Republic and let its attractions inspire you. Go Native - Leave the Beach!